Antique Cake Stands Of Finest Quality And Uniqueness

Please check our finest quality of antique cake stands. These vintage cake stands are unique in finish, appearance and design.

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Item Number - CS19
Finish - Antique Brass

Item Number - CS20
Finish - Antique Copper

Occasion of a party is one of the most important things while choosing a metal cake stand for displaying a cake. Theme might be different for every occasion and a cake decorating stand should match with the theme of a party.

If the theme of a party has an antique look, then antique cake stand blends very well with the theme and increases its aesthetic value.

vintage cake stands are not only limited for beautifully displaying a cake, these cake stands can be used for displaying fruits, cheese, pies, cup cakes and also for floral arrangement. This type of displaying arrangement acts like a stunning centerpieces.

These elegant cake stands can be used as cascading cake stands if these are kept at different levels.

Cake decorating stand is handcrafted. Beautiful hand engraved designs are made on them, thereby making every single piece unique in beauty and elegance.

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