Hand Crafted Silver Plated Antique Tableware Of Finest Quality

We are a manufacturer and exporter of wide range of silver antique tableware, new design of silverware, silver flatware products, silver tableware.

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Cake Knife Server


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Fruit Bowl


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Salt Pepper Shakers


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Decorative Tea Strainer


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Tableware consist of mainly four different kind of categories.

First form of tableware is serveware, which is used for serving food by bringing food in it to the table.

Second form of tableware is dinnerware, which is used for serving food individually during the meal.

Third form of tableware is flatware, which is used for food consumption.

Fourth form of tableware is drinkware, which is used for the individual consumption of beverages.

Flatware is an important part of any home and everyone like to have a best quality and good design of silverware.

Our silver tableware are hand crafted and minutely checked for every detail, that's why it comes out to be a best quality product.

Beautiful handcrafted antique tableware looks like a master piece on a table.

We do custom reproduction of new and old designs of tableware.

Our tableware also include a range of thanksgiving tableware.

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