Continental Exports Offers Handcrafted Artistic Expressions

At Continental Exports we work and deal with explorers of art and artifact dealers across continents, museum companies, and wholesale dealers of memorabilia. We are a single point source for Indian handicraft suppliers and we provide them with our patron stores. For us it is more than a business, for us it is a life-long mission to keep our traditional art forms alive and kicking by keeping in touch with its origins.

Continental Exports is the most professionally run artifact Production Company. Headquartered in Moradabad, India, well known for hand crafted brass wares, we export worldwide and have developed steady clients dealing in wholesale manufacture and supplies of artifacts such as memorials like cremation urns, table wares, decorative items, thanksgiving, drapery hardware and hardware. We are engaged in every aspect of production industry like product development and re-production, manufacturing, Quality Control, marketing and transportation.


We are established within the town center in a building which in itself is a cultural artifact of our town and is a relic of modern urban city landscape. Our heritage town Moradabad located in northern plains of India on the bed of Ramganga (tributary of river Ganges) is traditionally known as great source of art and artifact production. It is said that soil of this town is particularly suited for crafting metal molds. The growth of industries related to the metal art ware led to the development of this historical town. And thereafter its fame grew across the shores on its own just by word-of-mouth, and as such it never required any marketing advertising agency to establish itself as a leading source for the center of arts, and it has been a de facto source of metal items worldwide and is well known to the connoisseur’s of this art.

Our Background

This enterprise was founded by Mr. Najeeb Ullah Khan in 2001, a professional Engineer from highest grade engineering college of India. Since than we have made our presence felt in almost all continents.

We offer a wide range of designs and patterns of hand crafted products in iron, aluminum, brass, copper and other metals. We effectively use traditional craftsmanship along with newest tools which enable us to fabricate hand crafted artifact masterpieces.

Continental Exports has wide range of products and our products are well known for superior quality and exquisite craftsmanship. Furthermore, this uniqueness of our range of products helps us to gain recognition from innumerable clients worldwide.

Global Scope

If you are looking for a strong company to build a profitable long lasting business relationship with, we are the company for you. Discover how we enhance the quality and styling Upgrading Technologies, and deployment of new methods Technology is propelling our growth. We're focusing on technologies that improve production process and cut production time like CAD and production management tools. We are also investing in the development of methods which are Eco friendly so as to reduce energy consumption. We believe quality regains with reduction of waste, with systematic and controlled production methods, this enables us to manufacture at lowest cost in time.

Finishing and QC

Continental Exports have a reliable team of well experienced engineers and artisans involved in the manufacturing and finishing of artifacts, We are located in the heart of town adjacent to “Company Bagh” in Moradabad in 2500 Sq Mt of area, in a building which was built in 1901 a masterpiece, relic from past, apt surrounding to business we are in, yet we invest in and are equipped with the most advanced machinery and facilities that make us one of the best companies in the industry.

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