Hand Crafted Metal Home Hardware

Home hardware is one of the most essential requirements while constructing a building, finishing, reproduction or restoration.

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Decorative Door Knockers


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Antique Coat Hooks


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Cabinet Hardware


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Antique Door Hinge


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Window Hardware


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Lever Handles


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Lever Locks


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It is advised to use the best quality as these are not quite often changed.

These are required for door, window, cabinet, kitchen, garage, barn, front gate, bed, drawer, desk, shutter, orchard and table, so choosing the stylish and best quality shows the style and choice, makes an impact on friends and visitors.

We are a manufacturer and exporter of wide range of hand crafted metal decorative hardware classified into categories like vintage and antique (product in antique finish and design), arts and crafts, reproduction and restoration.

Our hardware Products are hand crafted, of good quality, high strength, and beautiful designs, and also antique designs (as some peoples prefer antique looks).

We also do custom work on restoration hardware and home hardware.

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