Handcrafted Metalware Production Process

Metalware production process begins with the shaping of metal in a desired form.

First step of metalware production process starts with the heating of metal bars and then hammered to break them into small pieces. These small pieces are kept in a special pot for heating them into molten stage.

For the casting procedure, pattern box is get readied. Main metal pattern is kept in a pattern box for which the casting is to be done and thereafter filled with a mixture of special sand in a casting box, sand of the area is particularly well suited for casting.

The box is thoroughly packed and beaten to create perfect pattern.

Combination of patterns are often required to give an artifact its shape.

As we see inner and outer patterns are being created for the pattern box, so that the molten metal can be filled in between the space.

In a casting procedure molten metal is poured into a pattern box to get pieces. After sometime, molded part of the product is taken out from a pattern box.

Surface of the casted pieces is scratched by a hand tool to give it a desired even and smooth shape.

Often different parts of a product is casted separately and welded together to achieve shapes.

Welded parts are again scratched by a hand tool and then grinded to make a surface even and smooth.

Metal ware hereafter goes for finishing process, which are of many types, like painting, silver plating, copper plating or any other as desired and design are than etched by hand by artisans who are proudly keeping this heritage of their ancestral professional alive.

Various finishes can be archived through sophisticated methods innovated since antiquity and imbibed for generation in families of craftsmen.

Like lacquer, silver plating, copper plating, brass finish, different kind of antique finishes, patina finish and many other types.

These beautiful delicate pieces of art are hand cleaned, placed in a polythene bag and then carefully bubble wrapped for packing.

These wrapped products are placed in an inner box individually and then inner boxes are kept in a master carton for more safety of the product.

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