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Welcome, here you can buy from our wide range of wholesale drapery hardware products directly from factory. Here you have a lot of choice to select from our wide range of high quality beautiful designs.

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Drapery hardware evolved with time from just a simple drapery stick to a stylish and beautiful drapery rings, drapery finials, drapery tiebacks and drapery rod, thus giving the stylish look to the window and the room.

There are certain points which need to keep in mind while purchasing drapery hardware that will make you easier to select the best drapery hardware for your window and home.

Following are the given points…

1. Before purchasing the drapery hardware, keep in thought about curtain material, curtain hardware and color of fabric to be used, whether all these three will look good together.

2. For light drapery and small window, choose lighter rods, for heavy drapery chose large diameter rod and big drapery finials.

3. Drapery hardware also depends upon the size of a room. For big room, select big diameter rod, big rings and bold finials. For small room, select small diameter rod, small rings and small finials.

4. If panels are to be opened and closed daily then they need to be tied through a cord to a curtain hold back.

5. If the fabric length is long then it looks like to increase the height of a room. Due to this fixed the curtain hardware much above the window or near to ceiling.

6. If you like to have double layered curtain, then you need to have a double curtain bracket and two rods.

We manufacture wholesale drapery hardware for small window to a big size window. We have a wide range of wholesale drapery hardware.

Anyone who likes an antique look can select from our range of antique hardware range.

Our wholesale drapery hardware is available in various finishes.

We do curtain hardware reproduction work and custom drapery hardware manufacturing work according to requirement.

Our decorative drapery hardware range is best suited for bay window, sheer window, bow window, garden window and kitchen window.

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